1. How do I renew my subscription?

A renewal inquiry will be enclosed with your penultimate issue. If you want to prolong your subscription, use the enclosed form. If you choose not to pay, your subscription will automatically end.

2. When will my gift arrive?

If you have a subscription gift, it will usually arrive 3 to 5 weeks after payment.

3. When will the magazine arrive?

Your first issue may take up to 6 weeks to arrive depending on when we receive your order and the publication date of the next issue.

4. Can I buy old copies of the magazine?

We may have the issue in stock. However there will be an additional postage and dispatch fee of 100 SEK.

5. How do I change my address?

You can change your address by logging in to the website and updating your new information.

6. The magazine is in the shops but I still haven?t received my copy. Why not?

The date when the magazine is in shops and arrives in your letterbox may differ by a few days depending on distribution schedules. If you haven?t received your copy four days after you have seen the magazine in a shop, please contact our customer service at pren@plazapublishing.se

7. How do I cancel my subscription?

Fax your notice of termination to +46 8 50 11 88 01 or e-mail pren@plazapublishing.se and you won?t receive a renewal invoice. Your subscription will automatically end after the last issue. Also see question 1.

8. Why don?t subscribers receive the gifts that sometimes come with the magazine in shops?

We cannot deliver all gifts to subscribers due to distribution difficulties. When we add gifts to the magazine we raise the price per single copy. As a subscriber you can buy the gifts from us at a reduced price.